Deep Dream

Create deep dream videos using your own images.

In the following video I’ll show you how you can easily create deep dream videos with your own images and customizations.

Credits and many thanks to:

– Magnus Pedersen
– Harrison Kinsley


– Python 3.6.6
– Git
– Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable Update 3

1) Clone GermanEngineering/DeepDream Git repository

– Open command prompt
– Create new directory for Git projects.
+++mkdir GitProjects
– Navigate to created folder.
+++cd GitProjectscd DeepDream
– Clone repository.
+++git clone

2) Install dependencies

– Navigate to folder containing the requirement files.
+++cd DeepDream/DeepDream
– List all files.
– If you have a GPU you should execute:
+++pip install -r requirementsGPU.txt
– If you need to run on CPU execute:
+++pip install -r requirements.txt
– You can check all installed modules by executing:
+++pip list

3) Select your start and end image

– Create new folders in the DeepDream/DreamImages directory for the start as well as the end image.
– Copy your images in the respective folder and rename them to “img_0.jpg”

4) Configure the settings for your custom dream

– Open the file in a text editor.
– Change the dream1Folder and dream2Folder strings to the name of the folders you just created.
– Adapt other settings like the used layers, dream duration, fps, … to your preferences (or leave them at default in case you’re not sure)

5) Run the script

– Execute:


Here are some example videos I created using the code above:

Tree stumps to a green tree:

Snowman to an infrared picture:

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