Unify Picture Names

This program will help you to present pictures from different cameras in a chronological order by unifying their names.

You can download the compiled files here or clone the repository from GitHub.

The program will go through the pictures you provided in the input folder (including subfolders) and will try to extract the capture date.
It will then rename every picture where it found a capture date and leave all other files untouched.
This allows you to present pictures from different camera vendors in a chronological order.

I’ve already tested it successfully with LG and Samsung (Android Phone), Apple (iPhone), Sony Camera and Android WhatsApp pictures.

The application of the program is very simple and explained in the following video:

  1. Download program from trustmeimanengineer.de or GitHub.
  2. Unzip downloadet files.
  3. Copy files in “input” folder.
  4. Execute UnifyPictureNames.exe
  5. Check “output” folder for the results.